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Not a virgin. Loving young life. Living it up. I'm not a slut, but I like to fuck.
What you'll find here:ass. sex. tits. alcohol. money. drugs. hot people. fun times not remembered. personal stories.
I'll answer anything you have to ask. 100% truthfully.

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babesandbooze said: I fucking L.O.V.E. your blog!
I just started blogging & you´re the first blog I follow ;)

Thanks love <3

Anonymous said: what was your first sexual experience like?

Well, don’t judge, I was 14 and I gave my best friend a blow job, and he fingered me. It was pretty awkward, but it was straight.

illest-mike said: hey whats up? I was just wondering what the name of the song on your blog? its a pretty dope song!

California - Hollywood Undead

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